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The Research and Publications portfolio promotes student thought-leadership and discovery in the FinTech industry. Our researchers are paired with an HBA editor and receive mentoring from the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab and KPMG, with the opportunity to write and publish an article which will be featured on several channels.

The Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab was established by a $3M donation from Scotiabank. As the first university research centre in Canada focused on financial technology, the Lab’s mandate is to study and understand the implications of digital disruption for banking and financial services, and to prepare students to operate in an environment of changing technology and innovation.

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The Perspectives magazine is an annual publication written by Western and Ivey students, covering the latest in FinTech disruption and opinion. The Perspectives publication is circulated online and in print, both on campus and at financial institutions in Toronto. Curious to learn more?Check out our previous editions.

Our club Medium page features student articles covering a wide range of trends and events in the FinTech industry. Once a student article gets published here, it can be viewed and referenced by hundreds of regular readers. Here are some of our latest articles.

Immerse yourself.

Work with a sponsor company to write a case for one of the largest student tech case competitons in Canada. Represent the club at exclusive industry conferences. Interview companies and gather insights from FinTech executives. Our research analysts do more than just research.

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Gain relevant knowledge at the heart of one of the fastest-growing industries, projected to reach USD $300B globally by 2023. Our alumni recruiting success spans the tech, finance and consulting sectors.

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Bring strong background knowledge on relevant business trends to the table.

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Your article can be linked anywhere online, a tangible recruiting asset.

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Become a better written communicator, one of the most in-demand skills today.

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