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Projects with impact.

The Ivey FinTech Innovation group teaches a variety of employable skills to students by building original technology projects from scratch for the Western University community. Students work in teams in roles such as business analysts, developers, and project leaders to learn essential FinTech skills in a hands-on startup-like environment.

Develop your future.

Ivey FinTech Club is the first Canadian university club devoted to studying digital disruption and FinTech innovation.

The Innovation Portfolio grants hands-on experience in this rapidly growing field, supported by industry partners and the expertise of the Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab.

Discover new skills.

Learn new skills like application development and design, project management, and public speaking in an immersive environment.

Build your resume.

Stand out in tech recruiting by building a portfolio of projects you can be proud of, using relevant frameworks and software engineering methodologies.

What we do.

The Ivey FinTech Innovation portfolio is a year-long commitment which guides students through the entire process of bringing a tech product to market.

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  • Brainstorm possible routes
  • Construct a project timeline
  • Outline objectives and constraints

Market Testing

  • Discuss ways to improve market traction
  • Conduct surveys and opinion polls
  • In-class speaking


  • Back-end and front-end coding
  • User interface design and creation
  • Implementation of frameworks and features

Internal Pitching

  • Pitch the project to the club mentors and faculty
  • Receive feedback and advice


  • Redesign or iterate on the existing prototype with feedback
  • Perform tests, implement changes and refine the product


  • Carry out outreach and marketing
  • Release the product for real-world use

Meet your partners.

Teams are formed at the start of the year and consist of leadership and team member roles determined by responsibilities. Engineering and project leads are selected based on technical experience and communication skills. This year, we are proud to partner with two local London non-profits to help advance their causes.

Interested in joining us?

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